Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a few more flowers

I'm being a bit lazy so thought I'd add more flowers.  I have a few more photos of odds and ends and will get those posted soon.  I can't figure out the exact coreopsis the flowers are - I suspect there is a mixture.  I will narrow it down more shortly.  I think the majority of them are Golden Tickseed or some relative but I haven't made a final decision. 

I think this purple flowers are a Belladonna or trompillo.  I know it's related to the potato family.  

Poor thing.  It's the last bluebonnet of spring by the side of the road.  Still blooming bravely amid the yellow flowers.


Steve Schwartzman said...

The yellow flowers look like they're greenthread, Thelesperma filifolium. The others could be western horse nettle, Solanum carolinense; that's pretty similar to silverleaf nightshade, Solanum elaeagnifolium, which is the trompillo you mentioned.

Nancy said...

Thank you! I need to quit being so lazy. I used to pull out the books immediately but seemed to have gone into a decline. Still working on getting good photos with my little camera.