Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Changing me - or New Year's Resolutions

Everything changes.  One of my friends told me once that you could either control the changes around you (and that includes being aware and learning to accept change) or resist it and let change overwhelm you and defeat you.  Either way, change happens and it's up to you whether or not you accept the change and roll with it.  I try to be in control of change and slowly I'm learning to accept it when it's imposed on me from outside. It's hard and especially since I'm an impatient person who has trouble being active.

This January, I'm facing multiple changes at work - a new office building we moved into late December and we're now transitioning to a new Supervisor.  One of my co-workers is replacing my current boss.  Their style of operating is vastly different from each other so it will be an unsettling time especially since I spent over 10 years with my current Supervisor.  Along with my added insecurity of myself... I suspect it will be difficult.  So I'm trying to focus on how I can adapt and accept the bits I can't change --i.e. change myself to be a little more fluid at work. 

Along with that, it being January and the New Year -- I have decided to adopt a couple of Resolutions to further this new creation of me.

1. Pay more attention to my health and physical well-being.  I suspect by doing this I will affect my mental well-being as well.  I am, at best an indifferent athlete and at worse a devoted couch potato.  So I've begun eliminating "bad" or unhealthy amounts of things from my diet.  I'm also trying to do more physical exercise of some sort. 

2. Work at doing art.  Everyday - somehow no matter how small the amount.  The more you do the more you do more.  I'm happier when I do art so it stands to reason doing more or more consistantly will be advantageous to my well-being.

3. Get my ETSY shop going.

And 4. (the big one)  Go to the Doctor and Dentist.

Just 4 and we'll see how well I will do.