Saturday, April 7, 2012

April blooms

Last weekend we went on a drive which was lovely and sad at the same time.  The old roads are slowly changing to make way for developments and small communities of slap together almost identical buildings.  I really miss the winding roads that had few cars and lots of nature.  The up side is that Texas really loves it's roadside flowers (thanks to the prompting of Ladybird Johnson and her like minded companions).  With the solid rains we had everything is deep in bloom.

Purple verbena
Since the shoulders have become increasingly smaller and the cars going by seem to not be happy if you wander too slow, we pulled off into one of the new yet to be finished developments.  For about thirty minutes I hobbled around on the old crutches and Gene ambled in and amid the cedar and other trees.  He had had to really encourage me to get out - the trouble of getting in and out of the car sometimes makes it really difficult to be enthused.  I'm glad I did.  I found some really lovely flowers and got some fairly nice shots.  
A Texas thistle getting ready to bloom

antelope horn milkweed

I'll probably go in and edit these a bit but wanted to get some photos up in time for spring.  It goes so quickly here.  It's almost summer weather.