Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year I've really decided to work more.  Both in this here blog -poor thing- and at home on art.  I have loads of good intentions but never get past that.  Too many wasted opportunities to do something.

And my poor blog.  Really I'm a terrible records keeper. 

All one can do is try.   So let us try.

Happy 2011.  May it be better than 2010 and more productive!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los Innocentes

I hadn't planned on not writing much or the gaps getting so far and in between posts.  I have great thoughts for writing here.  Often, when I visit other peoples blogs I'm amazed at their thought - the depth of the ideas and sentiments often help me explore new vistas. 

So when my best friend sent me his new blog I realized I needed to perhaps commit to writing on a more regular basis.  At least once a month if not every week I will be writing.  I tend to be a more visual person rather than a tactile person - i.e. I have trouble framing thoughts with words and not pictures.  But the routine and practise of writing in this blog will help me become a better writer.

Today is Dia de los Innocentes or Dia de los Angelitos. -- or in English -  Day of the Innocents or "little Angels" .  In Mexico the souls of children who have died are remembered on November 1 and tomorrow or All Souls' Day is the day whereby we remember our adults who have died. The veil of the worlds of the living and the dead is thinnest this time and we remember them for two reasons.  The first that if we let the Dead we remember them we can keep them at bay so if they wish to be harmful we can aknowledge our awareness of them.  The second reason is that we can also tell loved ones we remember them and still in our hearts love them.

In some parts of Texas and the United States, it's more widely celebrated than here in Austin but I have gone to the cemeteries and found graves colorfully decorated with windchimes, and flowers, photos and toys. It is perhaps one of the holidays I prefer more primitive and for me, a comfortable holiday.   I have a big bunch of African Marigolds in my kitchen and bought a loaf of Pan de Muertos, a sweet bread with grated orange peel and anise which I love.  Maybe next year I will make my own.  Dia de los Muertos reached a more personal note this year for me as well.   My boyfriends mom lies in the hospital gravely ill, after she went into cardiac arrest so we are more part of this holiday that I expected or truly desired. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Great Adventure

Well I signed on to do an art project so now I'm forcing myself to do more. You would think as much as I enjoy it I would work on things all the time. It's just I'm incredibly lazy and will put doing what I have to do. If I have to do dishes I will sweep the floor. If I'm expected to draw I will reorganize my file cabinet.

I think it's so I don't succeed --- hence I've started this project due in January 2011. My subject I picked was "dirigibles and subversives" - a great place to start. It's a great project and I"m going to log in and keep a record of what I do. Starting this week I'm going to do one drawing a week to get it going. Who knows maybe it will get me going in different areas as well.

I don't know anything about either subject really.... I mean I understand what the word means but have never incorporated them into artwork. Once the sketchbook is finished I will send it back to the arthouse and it will become part of a library of sketchbooks for people to check out and look at.

So watch this space.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring in the backyard

I'm always late and months after I do something I find myself wishing I had added it to this page. So instead, I feel guilty and leave a void. Hence the distance of time between this blog and the last one. But it's spring and quite lovely. We've had so much rain that everything is totally bursting out in color and growth. Our backyard looks wild in the in the middle of the city, the wild garlic that grows together with the beggar's ticks are as tall as my waist and when the cleavers or goose grass was growing you couldn't walk without getting it wrapped around you.

Yet some spots of civilization remain from the long summer of last year. Two rosemary plants have survived the terrible drought and a culinary sage that sits blooming next to the "Batik" German Iris. Another Iris, who's name I have forgotten is blooming in the other part of the yard.