Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring in the backyard

I'm always late and months after I do something I find myself wishing I had added it to this page. So instead, I feel guilty and leave a void. Hence the distance of time between this blog and the last one. But it's spring and quite lovely. We've had so much rain that everything is totally bursting out in color and growth. Our backyard looks wild in the in the middle of the city, the wild garlic that grows together with the beggar's ticks are as tall as my waist and when the cleavers or goose grass was growing you couldn't walk without getting it wrapped around you.

Yet some spots of civilization remain from the long summer of last year. Two rosemary plants have survived the terrible drought and a culinary sage that sits blooming next to the "Batik" German Iris. Another Iris, who's name I have forgotten is blooming in the other part of the yard.