Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring along the roads.

I haven't been posting much - mainly because I have reached a dreadfully dry period where I want to do nothing but sit in my house dress and play video games.  Horrible.  this past weekend we did drive to San Antonio and we take back roads to escape the I-35 corridor which is pretty dreadful. 

To stretch my leg we take tiny breaks, here and there - often parked in some ranchers drive way or a small dirt road that gets little traffic.  We see lots of things.  This trip we saw a pair of Mexican eagles wheeling in the sky, deer feeding in some of the rocky fields and construction to widen a road. We also found some antelope horn milkweed or Asclepias aserula .  You can read about it here...   It's also called spider milkweed but I prefer the name Antelope Horn

Texas has an amazing assortment of milkweeds and other wildflowers.  Our bluebonnets are doing okay this year despite the shortage of rain and cool weather.