Thursday, December 29, 2011

For 2012 - new thoughts

Well 2011 was a year of change and new directions.  I lost my job, developed severe mobility issues, graduated from college and started doing more artwork.  So some good and some not so good.  I hesitate to say bad because I think the actions aren't over and I feel like I don't entirely know the outcome.

I try to view change as not good or bad really.  Or rather I try to view it as potentially good.  I mean when I got laid off I really thought that suddenly My Life As I Knew It would drastically change and  we would be living in a cardboard box - three cats, the sweetie and me - and we still are (knock wood) where we started.    That's a great good thing to me.  I got to do interviews, apply for work and get around surprisingly well despite the pain and the feeling that I should be doing more.  But the pain is teaching me to look at what I have to do - if I can do it -  and it's teaching me to accept help graciously and with the idea that I have given to people and now get back. 

So 2012 is going to commence in a relatively short time.  Last years goals were somewhat met.  I had to go look them up and found  there were 4 and I re posted them here for me to think about.
       1. Pay more attention to my health and physical well-being.
       2. Work at doing art.
       3. Get my ETSY shop going.
       4. (the big one) Go to the Doctor and Dentist.

I did do 2 and 3 easily and I am paying more attention to my health - I started losing weight (20 pounds) and since I've become somewhat disabled I pay more attention to it so I guess I could say I did No 1.  No 4 was more difficult.  I've called my doctor and got referrals to two other doctors.  I will be calling them in 2012 and see what they say.  I think - while not totally perfect - I did my resolutions. 

GOLD STAR for me! 

So without further ado my resolutions for 2012

1. Do enough artwork to have a small show. 
2.  Go see the Orthopedic doctor
3. Get either some job/volunteer work to give myself more structure.
4. Lose 20 more pounds (I've lost 20 last year).
5. Get either an Illustration certification or going back to Texas State for the second part of my BFA.  (Or both!)
6. Work towards becoming retired. 
7. Go on some sort of vacation!

Check back with me throughout the year.  I have very positive thoughts on this. 

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