Monday, July 18, 2011

Greener times

I found this photo I took in the spring and marveled at the greenness of it.  It's a Ten Petaled Anemone or a Texas Anemone (Anemone berlandieri ) which I happen to love but many people consider it a weed.  It comes in a blueish color as well as this white but I think they are so very special.  Right now the area where it lives in my back yard is brown and crispy.  Nothing alive there thanks to the over 100 degree weather and the drought.  I snuck a dribble of water in the area since my sage and my rosemary were looking peaked.  Hopefully we can get water and things will green up.  I always marvel at how quickly weeds bounce back.  As I look outside my window I see tiny wild petunias blooming with no additional moisture.  I'm always amazed at how no matter how stressed or horrible we think something is...nature seems to be able to produce beauty from it.  . 


Steve Schwartzman said...

We also have had this species in our back yard, but this year I didn't notice any, which is strange, because the drought hadn't really taken hold yet back in February and March. I'm with you in thinking that these anemones are anything but weeds, and I've often photographed them. I've also seen plenty of wild petunias around town; as you noted, they're not perturbed by the heat and drought, but just keep flowering away.

Gretel said...

Have heard that you are having dreadful heatwave over there - really sorry about your plant loss, and I will do a little rain dance for you. Lord knows we have plenty over here!