Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Kindle!

I admit I'm a luddite or at the very least I should be a Luddite.  I find technology is first somewhat daunting and second sometimes unnecessary. I have a cell phone but rarely use it and often let it get discharged.  I use my computer but honestly still don't know what RAM means, what the difference between a worm and a virus (and don't care).  Still I'm not such a complete Luddite that I don't recognize the value of modern technology... rather I think people over use it.

So I'm not certain why I became enamored with Amazon's Kindle.  The idea of being able to take a book in my already over weighted bag that serves as book bag, lunch box and purse, without adding extra poundage is very appealing.  So after considerable thought and encouragement from my Significant Other, I bought one.

I have to say I'm enjoying it very much.  Currently I'm plowing through the free books you can find.  I'm reading (for the first time) The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and plan on several other books I seemed to have missed.  Who knows where it will lead to (not that I don't read alot anyway.)

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Owlfarmer said...

My ambivalence about technology resembles yours, and, like you, I've succumbed to the charms of an e-reader. I fell for the iPad because of the MLB At Bat app, but justified its purchase because of the vast library of free books available AND the fact that I could save a few trees by not buying some of the books that might be easily obtained for the reader. So far most of the reading I do about the effects of technology on culture has been on the iPad--so I guess it's paying off. Plus I can subscribe to some nifty magazines and not worry about having to glean articles to save before I recycle.

Thanks for visiting the Farm. I often forget to check on folks whose blogs I love to read. In many ways you resemble a younger version of myself, although you're already wiser than I was then. Keep up the good work.